Why Digibility ?
Manage alot of documents and access the one you need instantaneously
AS the amount of records grow whilst documents are continually added into the document store, managing these documents then becomes a daunting task if not properly administered within a document management solution.
The documents are turned into active content via the index fields or more commonly known as index cards. Document types may include any digital content, e.g. Word documents, email messages, Excel spreadsheets, incoming fax message in TIFF or PDF format, Bank statement in PDF, etc. Our solution can store virtually any type of document that one uses in an organization, even audio file if one may so require.

These documents along with the aforesaid index fields now become digital assets, as anyone can access them instantly via powerful search engines in a superior interactive database created with the information processed from the index fields, thus giving the user an opportunity to work SMARTER and not HARDER. The user is able to view documents on the desktop, and simultaneously have access to all related attachments immediately; thereby saving the users time, which in various researches demonstrate the saving of money in an organization.


Most companies do a better job of securing their office supplies than they do with their business-critical information!
Organize all documents and content into a centralized document repository. No-one has to rely on other staff to have access to documents and information. Search and locate documents across the document repository with POWERFUL search engines, instantly giving you access to applicable document. Become more responsive to customer queries and improve customer relationships.
Your Business
Electronic documents that are the very lifeblood of the modern business are often taken for granted!